Generals Partner with Bardown to Raise Funds for United Way Durham Region

Generals have partnered with Bardown to provide special charity merchandise to help raise funds to aid in relief of the COVID-19 pandemic. Proceeds of all sales will go towards United Way of Durham Region COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

  • Sale of the merchanidse will be available from May 4th to May 19th ( at 11:59PM)
  • T-shirts and sweat shirts will be available in both designs.
  • All purchasing can be done on the Bardown website–to purchase click here!

“COVID-19 is impacting the lives of all Canadians. We in Durham see and feel the impacts everyday. We are thrilled to have the Oshawa Generals as teammates in the battle in Durham Region to help mitigate the impacts of the virus on the most vulnerable and indeed on everyone in the community,’ said Robert Howard, Chief Possibility Officer with United Way Durham Region. “From food banks to seniors and from those facing isolation and family crises to the very stability of the social support structure, the task to provide relief and eventually a recovery  requires a total community effort. The Oshawa Generals and their supporters are great community team mates. We are especially grateful to Bardown for their support of this broad community effort to battle the adverse effects of the virus.”

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