Very few young hockey players ever get the chance to play in the Ontario Hockey League.

It really is something special to make it to the highest level of armature hockey in the country, especially when you consider the thousands and thousands of young players that dream of making it to the OHL every year.

It’s a special privilege to play in the OHL and it is especially a privilege to play in a city like Oshawa where the Generals have been a part of the community for more than seven decades.

Rocco Tullio and the club understand the significance of being a General in the community of Oshawa and all of Durham Region and as a result, are making sure Generals players get out in the community and give something back to the community that has given them so much.

Generals players have been more involved than ever, making appearances throughout Durham Region. These players get to play in front of the best fans in the OHL, if not the entire Canadian Hockey League, and when you are playing in front of five or six thousand fans a night, you need to be responsible about that. Whether it’s seeing kids at school, or hospital visits, we are doing a lot more of those kinds of things and we’re honoured to be able to do them.

Going to visit kids in a hospital, or reading to youngsters at school, or just getting out and meeting fans at an event, is not an elective for players wearing Generals uniforms – it’s mandatory.

We want to reach out into the community and make sure that the Oshawa Generals are a part of the community, as we have been for over 70 years. It is very, very important.

There is a responsibility for us to respect ourselves and the game of hockey, therefore the Generals not only respond to as many requests for community appearances as possible, they welcome them.