Hockey How To’s with Muscle MLK

We caught up with Gens goalie Mario Peccia for this month’s edition of Hockey How To’s brought to you by Muscle Mlk!

This month is How to Recover Like a Pro.

After an intense game, it’s important to cool down properly so you can be ready to train again the following day. What is your post game cool down include?
After a game, in our trainer’s room they keep the Muscle Mlk, so usually will get a protein shake then I’ll do a light stretch and cool down with the bike to help get the lactic acid out of my legs. It’s a 60-minute game and you want to be able to perform for that 60 minutes as a goalie. Sometimes we are playing in games three times a week, obviously making recovery very important and Muscle Mlk helps with that.

Do you have any specific exercises that are part of your routine?
On a game day, I’ll get dressed, tape my stick then head for a light warm up. I focus in on the game, try to remain calm and collected. It’s a tough game, especially mentally and you need to be warmed up but also as a goalie, focused and relaxed.

What are other tips for helping to prevent injury after you get off the ice?
Stretching is very important. All athletes in all sports rely on stretching. Hockey and other contact sports, you see injuries from time to time, and stretching will help to reduce the risk of harming your body. Recovery is also important to keep your body prepared to compete.

How important is foam rolling, hot/cold water baths, massage or other treatment when it comes to injury prevention?
Huge. After a hard skate, it’s really important to cool down your legs. In our room we have a cold tub, which aids in our recovery. Heat can help depending on the injury, helps to loosen the muscles and work you toward recovery.

What is your post game recovery fuel ritual?
Usually will have Muscle Mlk, we have a lot of it in the room. Whether is a bar or a shake, our trainers will bring it to us after a game, on the road and at home. It an excellent product, we use it a lot and is helpful for us to recover after a full 60 minutes.

Does your nutrition make an impact on how you feel the day following a game?
For sure. Nutrition is huge. For the high level that we play at, nutrition and also sleep is very import to fuel your body. Your body is a machine, and by putting the right things into it, the better of a performance you will see.

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