Hockey How To’s with Muscle MLK

Gens forward Cole Resnick is this month’s Muscle Mlk feature for Hockey How To’s.

This month is How to Fuel Up Like A Pro.

What do you typically eat before a game? After a game?
Usually before the game with eat pasta with chicken. If we eat at the arena we always get chick parmesan.
After a game, I usually try to get some protein back in my body. Typically, some kind of meat. Right when we get off the ice we have Muscle Mlk shakes and bars in our room, it’s easy access and great for us right after a game.

Do you track all that you eat in a day to ensure you get enough food?
I definitely try to track what I eat in a day. For me especially, I am trying to gain weight. I’m a little bit of a smaller guy, so I try to stay on top of it. My focus is having a lot of protein and carbs.

Do you follow a diet in the off-season vs in season?
I mostly follow the same diet through both. Whether it’s in season or off season we’re always training or on the ice burning calories and need the right diet to do that. Especially after workouts when my body is recovering, a Muscle Mlk protein shake is great for that.

What type of supplements do you use and when would you use them?
Usually take something right after practice or a workout depending on the day or after a game.

Do you notice a difference in your performance in the gym or on the ice if you haven’t fuelled up properly?
Yes, for sure. If you have prepared properly you feel more tired or not able to perform at the best of your abilities. When you take the right steps to prepare for the game, you will see the results.

Favourite kind of smoothie?
My favourite kind of smoothie would be a berry smoothie.

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