Hockey How To’s With Muscle MLK

This week we chatted with defenceman Matt Brassard in this month’s edition of Hockey How To’s brought to you by Muscle MLK.

This month is How To Fuel Up Like Pro.

What do you typically eat before a game? After a game?
• Before a game I usually go with chicken and pasta or chicken and rice
• After a game I try to get a lot of protein like chicken or steak, something that will help recover my body

Do you track all that you eat in a day to ensure you get enough food?
• I don’t usually track when I eat in a day
• Try to eat clean and healthy as much as possible

Do you follow a diet in the off-season vs in season?
• Follow more of a diet in the off season
• In season it’s harder when we are on the road to always eat as clean as I want
• Usually in the off season it allows me to eat more meals and healthier options while focusing on training

What type of supplements do you use and when would you use them?
• Don’t use a lot of supplements beside protein powder
• Usually I will have some post workout or post skate

Do you notice a difference in your performance in the gym or on the ice if you haven’t fuelled up properly?
• Definitely, you don’t feel the same if you were to not have anything. To prepare myself I usually have a meal or a shake
• If you eat healthy meals and prepare your body the day before and the day of then you feel a lot better on the ice

Favourite kind of smoothie?
• Berry flavour or something high in protein

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